B4 has just launched five “Ideas for Action” cards for parents, families, friends, communities, services and supports.

These Action Cards allow everybody to take action, get involved and have a role in supporting Tasmanian children in the early years. B4 encourages everyone to share their actions, detailing how they have played their part in improving the wellbeing of our early years children.

B4 would love to share the action/s you have taken on our website to build a list of ideas for everyone to benefit from. If you are happy to share your action please send an email outlining the idea and a photo (if possible) to b4@decyp.tas.gov.au and we will add it to the B4 Ideas for Action page!

Editable Ideas for Action Poster

Editable Ideas for Action Poster

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This poster can be personalised with your name, service or community and allows you to record the actions you are taking in the early years against the key areas of development children need to get a great start. Every action counts, big or small, and together we can give Tasmanian children the best start to life.