There is no single policy, government department, organisation, program, community or family alone that can ensure every child in Tasmania gets a great start.

The early years needs a collective impact.

Tasmanian children are now being raised in families and communities that are very different to what their parents experienced, meaning different responses are needed. Investing in early support and targeting those children and families at risk will not only change a child’s life, but Tasmania’s social and economic future.

The early years are everybody’s business. All Tasmanians – including families, grandparents, aunties, uncles, community members, educators, workplaces and service providers – have a part to play in helping our children to reach their potential. By working together, Tasmanians can create strong, positive communities that support families to provide experiences and environments that allow their children to thrive – and when every child thrives, all Tasmanians benefit.

Why B4?

A conversation with B4 Leaders and Friends on why we need the B4 Early Years Coalition and a collective impact approach to ensure all Tasmanian children get a great start in life.